John McCain: The Manchurian Candidate?

I have been wondering since McCain began running for president about his ‘war hero’ experience. He seems to be constantly bringing it up as of what a wonder boy he was, but he says nothing about it. His struggles, his experience, who else was there with him. Where are the other POW’s? Well, my curiosity […]

I have been wondering since McCain began running for president about his ‘war hero’ experience. He seems to be constantly bringing it up as of what a wonder boy he was, but he says nothing about it. His struggles, his experience, who else was there with him. Where are the other POW’s?

Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I began to have a look.

I found a website that was organized by Jerry Kiley called ‘Vietnam veterans against John McCain. There I found quite a few answers to my questions. Now, of course this is like most full of hype, but I believe there is some truth in there if you read between the lines.

This is an excerpt from Jerry Kiley’s page:

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain was formed to dispel the myth of “Straight talkin’, principled, maverick war hero” John McCain. Through more than two decades of investigation of his behavior, through open-source documents, public statements of his colleagues, and personal conversations with other Vietnam POWs, we have come to the unavoidable conclusion that he is unfit by virtue of his temperament, character, dishonesty, and emotional instability to serve as President of the United States or in any other position of public trust.   This article was suspended…hmm wonder by whom…

Here is another interesting thought from the US Veteran Dispatch

McCain was subjected to 5 ½ years of Soviet driven “brain perversion techniques.”
Is he fit to be President and Commander in Chief of the military?

U.S. Veteran Dispatch

McCain said the communists were so effective with their interrogation techniques that he broke on the fourth day after being captured and began cooperating. “Demands for military information were accompanied by threats to terminate my medical treatment if I [McCain] did not cooperate. Eventually, I gave them my ship’s name and squadron number, and confirmed that my target had been the power plant.” Pages 193-194, Faith of My Fathers, by John McCain.

U.S. intelligence agents concluded in the early 1950s that Soviet intelligence (KGB) agents were experimenting on their prisoners with “mind control” techniques and behavior modification drugs

Allen W. Dulles, the newly confirmed CIA director acknowledged the dilemma in April 1953, when he told a gathering of Princeton alumni that “a sinister battle for men’s minds” was underway. The Soviets, Dulles explained “have developed brain perversion techniques, some of which are so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them.” article by Ted Sampley.      

I found this all to be very interesting. My brother a two year Vietnam Vet had a few tasks of rescuing POW’s. Although he doesn’t say much about it, he will laugh when McCain stands unscathed by his POW experience. I personally don’t know what happened, but I do believe a human being can not go through such a hanis experience and come out a healthy mind and body to run for the President of the United States.


  1. Dear Manfred,

    My uncle served in Italy during WWII. He’d talk about a lot of things, but never about combat.

    I was in the Army 1961-1963. Lots of Korea vets around. They wouldn’t talk about combat.

    McCain wrote a book about his experiences. It’s a good read. Colonel Bud Day, Medal of Honor winner, thinks McCain is a real hero. Other authentic POW’s feel the same way.

    The guys you are reading are like the “Winter Soldiers” that John Kerry associated with when he was denouncing Vietnam. There wasn’t one true soldier amongst them.

    I have met many, many “Seals” and “Rangers” over the years. One look tells you they couldn’t qualify for cook.


  2. What you say Roy makes sense to me.
    I find in life that the one who is pointing a negative finger usually has more to hide than the one they are pointing at. For those who point, it seems to take the guilt and shame away from them by inflicting it on another.
    I still do have to wonder about his health both mental and physical. Even ‘if’ McCain ‘was’ in fact given ‘special’ treatment, I’m sure it wasn’t THAT special. And given his age on top of his life experiences to me he seems to have changed since he wrote his book. Maybe it gave him peace of mind and that’s the seen change, but I still have a bad taste about it.
    Thank you for your well spoken comment.

  3. Dear Manfred,

    That ‘special treatment’ left him crippled for life. I left the military 45 years ago, but I can tell you that any veteran worth his salt revers him. “Heading into Hell commander? Lead the way, I’ve got your six.”

    I was born during WWII. Two people in my extended family were killed. I lost an uncle in Korea. I lost a cousin in Vietnam. I lost a bunch of friends when the Russians lured them across the border with a fake nav-aid. I ducked under my desk in school during the atom bomb drills.

    This is an extremely dangerous world. I really don’t care what the President’s policies are on much of anything. I want him to do his only important job – defend us.

    Obama scares the hell out of me – not for me but for my grandchildren and their children. He is totally out of touch with the world. This is evident in his belief that “diplomacy” will solve all of our problems.

    John F. Kennedy met with Nikita Kruschev in Vienna in 1961. Kruschev bullied JFK and came away believing that he was a weakling. This led to Russia challenging us with the missiles in Cuba. I was on the inside for that. At one point we were less than five minutes away from a nuclear war. Kennedy blinked. We lost – big. The price we paid was the removal of Thor and Jupiter missiles in Turkey. Those were major strategic assets. They covered most of Russia’s strategic bomber force and were close enough to destroy them on the ground before they could take off. The next push was Vietnam. Russia started sending weapons, supplies and advisers to Hanoi. Kennedy judged that we had to make a stand there. You know how that turned out.

    Kennedy’s naivete almost destroyed the world, cost us lives and treasure in Vietnam and tore our society apart. I want McCain. Nobody bullies him. As for Sarah Palin – she’s got more balls than Obama and Biden put together.

    Sorry, Manfred. Didn’t mean to get so strident. I’m usually pretty laid back. But like I said, I’m scared.


  4. No worries my friend. I appreciate your thoughts. I too am scared. I really wish there was someone besides McCain as he just looks tired and finished. I have no clue of who this Palin is, and so far I’m not real impressed, but I havent heard her speak yet. Gustov kinda spoiled things.
    Again, thank your for your experienced words.

  5. Dear Manfred,

    Let’s get back together in about a month and check in on how it’s shaping up.


  6. That is something to look forward to Roy.
    So far I’m still seeing a blob when it came to the RNC last night. They just seem to be stiff and controlled individuals without any spirit of what ‘we’ had.
    I’m not sure that I appreciate the fact that Palin cant even control her personal house if her 16 or 17 yr old is pregnant. Its said 17, but she IS 5 mos pregnant. If one doesn’t have their own house in order how can one clean up one as big as the White House?
    I understand about how they are throwing it to the wind by saying that it related to many homes in America, but you know? It shouldn’t be that way and having a woman in that position with that issue to me doesn’t seem to be a step to guide other teens from doing what her own children are doing.
    As President and Vice-President they should set an example to live by-otherwise integrity and decent people might as well hang their hats on the wall and just remember the good old days.
    The very same people that would just as soon tar and feather a community member for under age pregnancy are supporting her? No sense in that thought what so ever.
    Just my lil rant. smiles,

  7. Dear Manfred,

    As some wag put it yesterday: “If she gets the vote of every woman who was pregnant at her wedding she’ll win in a landslide”.

    “The very same people that would just as soon tar and feather a community member for under age pregnancy are supporting her? No sense in that thought what so ever.”

    I suppose there are some who would tar and feather – if they did they would have a short life expectancy. If you look at the statements of the leaders of the crazy religious right each and every one of them is praising the family for handling this quite common problem maturely and decently.

    Children are frail when they first come to sexual maturity. We try to teach them. When they falter we love them and help in any way we can.

    On the other hand the media have stripped Bristol Palin naked and raped her on the front page of the “most respected” newspaper in the world.


  8. Its not so much that I am trying to bad mouth her or her family issues. What I am saying that babies having babies is a very big issue in the world and to have a Vice-president that cant control her own family – how can she manage the countries issues?, just say hey ‘it’ happens? Look at us?
    People need to start being accountable for their actions – meaning not ‘taking’ care of ‘it’ after the fact.
    Situations as such don’t have a very good longevity rate. They will get married, have the baby, then realize that they have to be actual grown ups, then fall apart. Or at least most do. I do know of two couples that did make it to a 30 and 40 year anniversary, but that’s not typical.
    As far as being stripped naked and raped, that my friend is way too dramatic. Statements as such are not very good unless you yourself have had that happen.
    Bristol is very proud of herself as well her mother is too. They have all been drilled on the public opinion and the cruelty of it all. I’m sure she has a Britney Spears smile at the moment.
    And I am sure they will get many many a vote and most of the entire America has fallen to sub standards of morals and so as they will fit right in.
    I am anxious to see what transpires later tonight she is to parade her across the stage for all of us to admire and respect. It should be an interesting event to say the least.

  9. Dear Manfred,

    Statistics aren’t much use when you’re talking about individuals. For instance I have 2 children instead of 2.2. The best way to assess individuals is their character. Watch tonight. Give a holler with your thoughts.


  10. I have two children also. The oldest will graduate in a year an electrical engineer, the other a factory worker. 28/23 years of age. Neither have children as they arent married nor are they financially settled as of yet.
    By stats, I don’t mean it in the usual sense, I use it in as what I have seen myself.
    Ive never been a huge fan of national statistics as like you say 2 not 2.2.
    I will be watching, hopefully I will be able to watch it in its entirety.

  11. Dear Manfred,

    The stripped and raped was stolen from another source – don’t remember where, but it was from a prominent, usually pretty moderate site. I apologize. But it does capture the flavor of the attitude of the right side of the blogosphere. I, and many others, are appalled that the national media have sunk to the level of the National Enquirer.

    I’m not interested in changing your mind. I’m interested in a conversation. I love civil conversations with people who don’t agree with me. Sycophants bore the hell out of me.

    If you watched Palin tonight I think that you would agree that she can give a written speech skillfully. In my judgment she has a better speech writing team than Obama. The real tests will come in the debates and interviews. Do you agree that those will be interesting?


  12. I too enjoy a civil debate. I have taught both my sons that as a parent I have my opinions and it is open to debate, and we had MANY! Of course most of them I drew them to my side of thinking, but there were times where they made good points and there was room for change, and as a family we did so.
    You cant change my mind to any other way of thinking. I am very strong in my opinion and standards. I’ve spent many a year chopping down the bush and not beating around it. Only those with a strong constitution can do that I believe.

    I do understand what you meant by using that analogy, I just don’t feel it to be that strong. She like others have been abused by the media, but in no way was she tortured as much as a rape victim, that’s all. Just feel it was a bit much, no matter where it came from, to me still sounds much like a tabloid statement.

    Honestly Roy, I was disappointed in her speech. I understand that it was her first large scale written speech. It looked it too. It was as if she were speaking about someone else not herself, so no I have to disagree on the skill of writers on their team. I always have, I don’t believe they are very good writers at all.
    A good ghost writer should write a speech as if they themselves were giving it, that way when read, that comes across as if the speaker are talking about themselves.

    I am also saddened by something my 78 year old Mother keeps saying. “That’s politics. That’s how its done.” She and most of the Country have been used to the political parties slinging trash like children on a playground, and actually I don’t think the children are all that bad! I’m tired of people lashing out and being so negative. The R team states that the D team is attacking them and they just aren’t. But you cant say that about the R team, its right there in every speech they make! One underhanded dig and insult after another, pretty much makes up their entire speech, with a couple there and there of what they plan to do for the U.S. I’ve been following both sides since the beginning and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, but I haven t missed the fact that the D team is taking more time discussing the issues and avoiding the trash slinging. I’m just sick of the ‘Yo Momma’ jokes on the R side.

    “If you make the choice to fight with a pig you get dirty and the pig likes it.” I so loved that. As its so true! I believe the Culture Editor Sam Sifton said that. I still like it even though Ive long lost respect for the New York Times, due to the negative photograph of President Bush during his early years. Every single day, I would anxiously look at the paper to see what they were printing that day. And every day they had printed the most unflattering photograph. I will say that there are just some who don’t photograph well, that being said, they have very very good photographers that are like a pitcher in a baseball game, they know exactly how that shutter will react! But I still like that line.

    Back to the Palin speech, I do believe she won over every soccer mom in America, by wearing lip stick. I thought the joke unfunny and unflattering. I am also tired of the R team trying to fit in with the regular John Q. Public as if they are just like me. They aren’t. I wouldn’t have McCain nor Palin over for coffee and don’t believe that if I were to I would enjoy the time. I do however have the feeling that on the D team that I could. Even that on both sides, we differ in lifestyles and education, etc, I have the sense of being listened to and not appeased. So far, and I’ve not been up long, I’ve not seen any big jump in ratings from her speech, but the day is young and the coffee is now ready.

    After re-reading I sound like an Obama ad. That is not my intention, I haven t taken words from their campaign, they have taken the words out of my mouth and I feel that’s exactly their strategy.

  13. Dear Manfred,

    I haven’t had my coffee yet. Being retarded I can sleep ’til noon. I often do. Talk to you later.


  14. Dear Manfred,

    The retarded filip is one we retired folks consider a little inside joke. It wasn’t meant in any way to reflect on you.

    Once you’re freed from the exigencies of putting food on the table and can count on the retirement check you get a little more – not philosophical – thoughtful about the world you have lived in and which you will soon depart.

    My crusade to conquer the world and slay the dragons has ended. Won a few, lost a few, some got rained out. Got some arrows in my back and count some scalps as coup. Fought the good fight and now wonder what the meaning of it was.

    I am at peace. I think that I’ve done more good than harm in this life. Just hope that it was good enough. I’ll find out soon.

    I sense an anger in you about the world and its ways. That my friend is, in the vernacular, pissing into the wind. To continue the cliches – stop and smell the roses. They are fragile and a wonder to behold. Happiness comes from within.

    I’m sorry if I offended you. It was not my intent.


  15. No, I didn’t take it that way, I was chuckling over your comment, and figured that there was going to be a looong wait for the debate to continue. My poor attempt of humor online, if you can see nor hear me its difficult to know how to take me.

    Its not an anger, as that is a very strong and destructive emotion. Its a sadness and frustration of hearing more than once of the illegal and unethical ways of our politicians and government as if its a normal way to be, and we just passively brush our teeth after eating crap.
    It’s a fleeting fantasy at the age of 49, but I would so like to actually see a president in my time that is actually wanting to help the people of its country and not themselves, and realize its too much to hope for.

    There is two more months for what I hope to be an actual debate over the issues and not slinging sht at one another. I get tired of people throwing negatives at one another as its does absolutely no good. Just avoids whats at hand.

    I do appreciate your opinions and have enjoyed the discussion. And don’t forget that in a healthy debate one may throw out opinions that they themselves want and need another opinion on, not necessarily what they believe to be true.

    And in ending this post if ever you wonder what the meaning of ‘it’ all was? Take out an old classic “Its a wonderful life”. That’s always a good reminder.

  16. Dear Manfred,

    Even us retarded folks sometimes have disruptions in our lives. My dear friend’s wife went into the hospital today and I have things to do. I’ll try to get back to you tomorrow or the day after. Stay well my friend.


  17. Dear Manfred,

    Things are a little rough right now. My dear friend is in his seventies, has ALS – Lou Gherig’s disease – and is confined to a wheel chair. His wife is having bouts of dementia. It’s a trying situation. I love these people dearly. I am trying to bring comfort as best I can. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I’m a bit distracted right now.

    Best wishes to you and yours.


  18. Dear Manfred,

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The situation is getting worse but acceptance is setting in and I am out of crisis mode. I’ve been through this once before. My wife passed away in 1993 and I know what my friends are going through. It’s inevitable but once they accept what is happening their need for me is less.

    It seems like a lot of time has passed since we talked but for a guy who usually doesn’t know what day of the week it is – us retards gain certain perks for seniority – my time sense is a little screwed up.

    Throw something at me at let’s talk.


  19. Welcome back. Life has its very tough roads to bare and your friend is lucky to have you walk with him down the road.

    Have a read to my recent post on Palin and her court issues. Id like to hear your point of view of her being the next president, as I feel that McCain is either diminished in his mental capabilities or isn’t very healthy, or both.
    It could be his campaign managers that have turn his campaign to mirror Obama’s wants and desires, but either way, he seems to be being led by the thought of being in office, not by saving our states.