Month: January 2009

A Strong Middle Class

I just watched President Obama and Vice President Biden telling us that the middle class is the back bone of our economy. Well think we all knew that, but it was nice to be acknowledged. A new website has been created that is the most amazing site to do with our White House I have […]

Indiana expands unemployment

INDIANAPOLIS — The state will provide computers and training to libraries, churches and community organizations to help the unemployed apply for benefits. State officials said it could help reduce long lines at unemployment offices and cut down on the number of mistakes by people applying online. “We’re going work with all the faith-based and community-based […]

Bye Bye Blagojevich

Didn’t work. His rantings were not listened to. For me he seems like a pathological liar and I guess to the Illinois Senate they did too. I am afraid that when he goes down hes going to take others along with him, will definitely be an interesting show to follow. Looks like he should have […]

What is happening to us

When an option is to die and take our family with us there is something desperately wrong with our society. I can not imagine making the choice to commit suicide and take my children along with me, is that what people today are feeling is an option? My God, something needs to change here. OHIO […]

Devils Cave

PLAINFIELD, New Jersey (CNN) — Enter the “Devil’s Cave” by pulling aside the wooden grate beneath the porch of the abandoned suburban New Jersey home. Crawl inside to see the filthy, mismatched blankets and the garbage and empty soda and alcohol bottles strewn about. Catch your breath against the smell. Immigrants show the small space […]

The House has it!

The House on Wednesday evening passed an $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday on a party-line vote, despite President Obama’s efforts to achieve bipartisan support for the bill. The final vote was 244 to 188. No Republicans voted for the bill, while just 12 Democrats voted against it. The Senate is likely to take up […]