Month: April 2008

Obama Has Small Lead

The Democratic Indiana primary looks like it’s going to be closer than anything of the races we’ve seen so far. A new poll by the Indianapolis Star-WTHR shows that Sen. Barack Obama has a three-point lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton — 41% to 38% — with a week and a half to go before the […]

C’est Terrible News

C’est Terrible Alexander Cockburn When in trouble, reach for nuclear submarines. President Nicolas Sarkozy, derided by the French as a lightweight, rushed off at the end of March to launch Le Terrible, the fourth in France’s fourth generation of such submarines. Thus he seizes the torch of “massive retaliation” from his predecessor, Jacques Chirac, who […]

Slap “Free Market” –

Slap Down ‘Free Market’ Pirates Joe Conason For many years, Robert Morgenthau has warned America that the nexus of capitalism and criminality poses a serious threat to our prosperity, security and growth. Now in the wake of the collapse of Bear Stearns, which pushed global markets further closer to the brink, perhaps the nation will […]