Month: April 2007


During a day long summit on Margarita Island in Venezuela Tuesday, influential South American leaders agreed to form a strategic energy alliance. “I believe the bases are being set for a South American agreement that includes the issues of oil, natural gas, alternative fuels, fuels based on agricultural product, the question of hydro-electric energy, and […]

India Looks To Expand It’s Nuclear Horizons

In an interesting development,¬ one of America’s most treasured outsourcing partners,¬ India, has developed the technology to blow away another, China. New Delhi’s¬ recent test¬ launch of the intermediate-range¬ Agni-III¬ missile has proved that the nuclear-armed nation is capable of striking targets up to 3,500 km inside of China.¬ ¬ In addition, the¬ Indian¬ government’s […]

And The War Funding Winner Is…

Big business. President Bush will meet with the leaders of both congressional parties on Wednesday in order to effect some kind of compromise on the stalemate over war funding in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most people in position to know, such as Senate Armed Services chair Carl Levin, believe that the compromise has already been reached. […]


The United Nations WMD Commission head, Hans Blix, has chastised the US and other nuclear nations as hypocrites. He compared the UN Security Council members to fathers who smoke but refuse to allow their children to do so. All five of the permanent Security Council members, Russia, China, France, the UK, and the US, are […]