Month: February 2007

Effects Of War On Life At Home

I came across this article in the New York Times regarding the effects of lengthy and extended tours of duty by American servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan on their home lives. It is especially appropriate to those who have family members in the National Guard, although it applies to all serving overseas in […]

Guv Cries Foul

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is not happy with the House Ways and Means Committee. This should come as no surprise since the Committee’s new budget calls for the inclusion of a comptroller general position that would review privatization efforts, and the Governor is not someone who believes in oversight on his sales pitches. His view […]

The Gathering Storm

Despite denials to the contrary, the Bush administration is preparing for an assault on Iran. At the current rate of military increase, the U.S. will be ready to attack the Islamic Republic by springtime, but more than likely will wait until next year. Vice-president Dick Cheney, Josh Muravchik, a Middle-East specialist at the neoconservative think-tank […]

Congress Lobbies On

Two months after passing a slew of new rules designed to decrease the influence of lobbyists on our nation’s lawmakers, it’s back to business as usual. Extravagant birthday parties, hunting and fishing trips, wine-tasting tours, golf tournaments, parties, concerts, Disney World getaways, and the fund-raising list goes on. Under the new rules, lobbyists and their […]

Lilly To Market Doggy Prozac

Reconcile, a chewable version of Eli Lilly’s anti-depressant medication Prozac, has been approved for distribution by the FDA and will soon be on the market. The drug’s purpose is to help allay canine separation anxiety. It will compete with Novartis AG’s Clomicalm. So this is the end product of Big Pharma’s insistence on keeping drug […]