Month: October 2006

Corporate Deregulation

After such major corporate scandals as Enron and WorldCom, investors have been reassured by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, adopted in 2002. The act was constructed to make business more accountable to speculators, including their own employees, who bought into such companies. Now, corporations are complaining that such restrictions make the costs of doing business too high. […]

Corporate Buyout

Political action committees for Corporate America are already planning their strategies for a potential Democratic victory in November. While most Big Business funds still find their way to Republican pockets, there has been an 11% shift in political giving over the last month. All bases covered. None of this is unexpected, of course. What is […]

Take Action For Change

The following link, provided by Steph at A Commonplace Book, is an excellent way for you to put your money where your heart is. In what is now a ten-day countdown to election, every dollar contributed to the campaigns of every single one of these candidates will be needed in order to help effect change […]

Survey Says…

A new poll, taken on a statewide scale, has shown that the majority of Indiana citizens support change…for now. In the survey, 45% would prefer to see the Indiana House of Representatives come under Democratic control, 39% liked the current GOP majority, and 16% were not sure. A Democratic victory for House control would restore […]

David O., Dist.86

An article in yesterday’s Indianapolis Star indicates that House Republicans have made Rep. David Orentlicher, (D),Dist. 86, one of their top political targets in the upcoming elections. Orentlicher is thoughtful, highly intelligent, and passionate about things that really matter. He is both a physician and an attorney. His opponent, Republican Kathryn Densborn, is a former […]

Looking Up?

As the November elections approach, Washington Democrats are becoming more and more optimistic about their chances to take back Congress–or at least the House–from the Republicans. Every piece of bad news for their opponents, such as the Foley scandal, the Iraq situation, and out-of-control GOP spending adds to this feeling. But these people don’t seem […]